We are not our failures. We are love


I appreciate the details in everything

My name is Cash.

20 days, 15 hours since Mike Brown was killed.


Frida Kahlo 2014 ~ still as badass and unapologetic as ever

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Title: Touchin, Lovin (Nicki Minaj) Artist: Trey Songz 14,487 plays


Touchin, Love (Nicki Minaj) x Trey Songz

"I said real niggas let real bitches cum first; and real bitches been bad bitches from birth"

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There is absolutely nothing more beautiful than


seeing two young black people in love. Two devoted individuals who truly care about each other and want nothing but the best for the other. No games, no pride, no ‘me.’ Such an occurrence is seldomly seen; however, when you witness it, your heart will melt.

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gold teeth thighs

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